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PSL is a boutique fund management group responsible for the launch and running of the highly regarded Assured Fund.

Assured Fund offers sophisticated investors the opportunity to invest in the exciting market of US Life Settlements. By purchasing Life polices at a deep discount, investors benefit from a fund that offers the potential to marry the competing goals of high returns and low volatility.

Assured Fund is not correlated to shares, bonds or commercial property so is a valuable addition to just about any portfolio. All investors should expect to see are smooth and steady ongoing returns.

What sets Assured Fund apart is how it has identified the
key risks in the sector and taken steps to mitigate them.

As one of the largest open ended investment funds in this
arena, investors benefit from exposure to a large number
of policies thereby further reducing risk and improving the
accuracy of the predicted returns. Assured Fund has been
tailored to meet investor particular profiles, offering nine
share classes over four currencies.

Assured Fund has been built to an institutional standard.
Its valuation methodology has been independently checked
and its monthly pricing is verified by Deloitte & Touche.

The Fund is not suitable for retail investors and could
be considered a high risk fund under its current trading
circumstances. The Fund is currently processing
redemptions at a Net Realisable (NRV) basis as
permitted within the Offering Memorandum.

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